Annandale Community Team (ACT)
ACT Admin Team (Executive Committee) and Board Members 






 Co-Chair, ACT Admin Team

Kelly Hinnenkamp
 (City Administrator)

end 2023


Vice Co-Chair, ACT Admin Team,
Discover Downtown Team

Judy Grabham

end 2023


Secretary, ACT Admin Team,
Clock Tower Park, Website

Jill Bishop

end 2023


Treasurer, ACT Admin Team,

Marlene Young

 end 2024


Board Member, Farmers Market Manager

Corry Bregendahl

end 2024


Board Member, Arts Team

Laura Hood Beckman

 end 2023


Board Member, Farmers Market

Patti Van Dorp

end 2024


Board Member, Grants Specialist

Renee Cardarelle

 end 2024


Board Member, Field to Feast Team Lead

Sandy Holthaus

end 2024


Board Member, Arts Team Lead Emily Schwarzkopf end 2023

Terms are for two years and terminate at the end of a calendar year.  Election to the Board and determination of officers takes place by October for the upcoming year.