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Annandale Area Cemeteries

   -as of May, 2019
   -by location (block/lot), 2015
  -by ownership, 2017
City of Annandale 2600 Roni Walburn and Eagle Scout Blake Hemminger, 2007
Terri Weis, 2015
City of Annandale Find A Grave
Pleasant View
   -as of May, 2019
City of Annandale 74 Roni Walburn, 2007
Terri Weis, 2015
City of Annandale Find A Grave
St. John's Lutheran Church
 -church history
Southside Twp. 310 Ron Remington, 2006
updated 2012
Elizabeth A. Olson Find A Grave
Grace Southside
 -church history
Southside Twp. 70 Jill Bishop, 2006 Brian Partridge Find A Grave
Union Southside Twp. 19 Nancy Hable, 2007 Brian Partridge Find A Grave
  Fair Haven history
Fair Haven Twp.
Stearns County 
600 Nancy Hable, 2007 Brian Partridge Find A Grave
Zion United Methodist
 -by location, 2020
 -alphabetically, 2020
 -church history
South Haven 250 Kay Nordberg, 2006 & 2020 Bill Pramann Find A Grave
St. Mark's Episcopal
  -church history
Corinna Twp 
on 108th St
50 Nancy Hable and Jill Bishop, 2007 Peter Spindler Find A Grave
Historic Corinna Cemetery Corinna Twp.
on hwy 24
60 Kay Nordberg, 2006 Corinna Twp. Find A Grave
North Corinna Cemetery Corinna Twp.
on hwy 24
13   Corinna Twp.  
Zion Corinna Cemetery  Corinna Twp.
on hwy 39
200 Jill Bishop, 2006 Paul Fieldseth Find A Grave
Lake View Silver Creek Twp. 400 Jill Bishop and Michelle Smith, 2007 Doug & Michelle Smith and Willis Plaggermann Find A Grave
Sylvan Middleville Twp. 343 Glen Petit and Russell W. Gausman, 2001 Russell W. Gausman  
Immanuel Lutheran Church
 -church history
French Lake Twp. 154 Karen Christoferson, 2016 Dave and Karen Christoferson Find A Grave
Mount Hermon Lutheran Church
 -church history
Albion Twp. 160 Gary & Linda Dahlgren, 2003 Paul Johnson  
Albion Free Church Albion Twp. 190 Diane Hanson and Glen D. Petit, 2000 Phil Bensons
Riverside Cemetery French Lake Twp. 830   Wm. Lantto & Clair Nelson Find A Grave
St. Ignatius Catholic
 -church history
French Lake Twp. 220 Laura Cheney, 2006
updated, 7/13/2012
Darrell & Ellen Kelly Find A Grave

FINNISH DESCENT CEMETERIES - CLICK  HERE to find the names of 3,700 people buried in the 16 cemeteries below as they appear on the website of the the Genealogical Society of Finland (www.genealogia.fi).  All 16 of the cemeteries are in French Lake Township and Cokato Township, and all of them contain people of Finnish descent.   

NOTE: The names in the cemeteries below are listed alphabetically, not by cemetery, so you must click on a letter of the alphabet shown at the top of the page to search for a particular name.  

  • Alamaa Cemetery, 20 graves
  • Pat Bajari Cemetery, 3 graves
  • Cokato Finnish Cemetery, 1445 graves
  • Crow River Mission Cemetery, AKA Birch Lake Cemetery, 45 graves
  • First Apostolic Lutheran Church, 63 graves
  • French Lake Apostolic Lutheran, AKA River Church Cemetery, 30 graves
  • French Lake Mission Cemetery, 96 graves
  • Grace Lutheran Cemetery, 237 graves
  • Hutchins Cemetery, 2 graves
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery of French Lake, 125 graves
  • Finnish National Cemetery of French Lake, 62 graves
  • North Crow River Lutheran Church-Knapp, 607 graves
  • Riverside Cemetery  of French Lake, AKA Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church Independent Cemetery or Sikkila Cemetery, 816 graves
  • Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Cemetery of French Lake, 139 graves
  • Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Cemetery, 4 graves
  • Sunset Cemetery, 66 graves


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CLICK HERE to see MAPS of cemeteries in Wright County on the HomeTown Locator website. While this page does not contain transcriptions of the graves in the cemeteries, it has detailed location information including latitude/longitude, elevation, and 4 types of maps of each: aerial, regional local, and topological.

CLICK HERE to see a list of 60 cemeteries in Wright County in www.epodunk.com