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Account: Train Depot Damage
from the Annandale Advocate, December 29, 1949

Poles Wrecked Soo Line Depot Monday Morning – Heavy Damage

Annandale Advocate, December 29, 1949

The Annandale Fire Department answered an early Monday morning call to the Soo Line Depot, which was threatened by fire.  The stove in the waiting room had been knocked over by one of the poles, which ripped through the building.  Quick work with extinguishers saved the structure.

A regularly scheduled through freight headed east approximately 5:45 a.m. had loads of poles on flat cars.   One load of poles broke loose and smashed into the depot, causing heavy damage  The small outbuilding was completely demolished, the west end of the station is bulged out, and the floor in the coal room is sagged down.  Several poles crashed through the walls and entirely wrecked the bay window of the office, smashing on into the waiting room, demolishing benches, furniture and tipping over the stove.  In the office of Agent C.A. Hausken, only one 3-drawer section of his large desk is intact.  Switches and wires were damaged.  Some of the poles snapped in two or more pieces as they ripped into the building.  A window and the door of the waiting room are smashed and the frame is in splinters.  Poles were scattered along the tracks from the depot up to the last east crossing.  Poles were up to 78 feet in length.

Workmen have been clearing away the wreckage and boarding up the window and door openings.  A temporary office and waiting room will be established in the former ladies waiting room, which received the least damage.

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