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American Legion Post 176 - Women's Auxiliary


(Annandale Advocate Newspaper Article Excerpts)

1-22-1920 – There is a provision now whereby plans are laid for a ladies auxiliary of the local Post.  We have serious duties to perform under our charter, also social duties, and would welcome a formation of an auxiliary unit.

5-26-1921 – The women's auxiliary unit of the local Legion Post will sell scarlet poppies preceding Memorial Day.

8-18-1921 – The Women's Auxiliary of the American Legion will hold an ice cream social Saturday, August 20, on the lawn between the Jewelry Store and G. J. Dunton’s Store.

1-4-1923 – The American Legion Auxiliary is sending books to start a library at Veteransville, a newly organized town near McGrath, consisting only of ex-service men and their families, the only town of its kind in the United States.

3-29-1923 – “Diamonds and Hearts,” a three act comedy, was presented by members of the Legion and Auxiliary organizations.

5-31-1923 – The local American Legion Auxiliary unit had charge of the Poppy Sale Saturday.  Their efforts were rewarded to the amount of $53.69, which sum is used for the benefit of sick and disabled soldiers of the World War.

1-1-1925 – The local Legion Auxiliary sent a box to Fred Lundell, who is in the Aberdeen Veteran’s Hospital, St. Paul.  Besides this, the organization has an adopted family at Moose Lake, which they are keeping supplied with the necessities of life.

7-2-1925 – The Legion Auxiliary supper in the Legion hall last Thursday netted $30.85.

11-26-1925 – Legion Auxiliary presented “An Early Bird,” a three act comedy.

3-29-1929 – The American Legion Auxiliary was very nicely entertained at the home of Mrs. John Maurice last Thursday afternoon.

5-20-1929 – The American Legion Post and Ladies Auxiliary have recently had signs erected on the main entrance roads of our village.  The Legion emblem is on one side and the phrase, “PROTECT OUR CHILDREN,” on the reverse side.

12-19-1929 – The American Legion Auxiliary are asking people to save and bring in bundles of old magazines and papers, from which the organization hopes to realize some aid for their treasury.

1-8-1931 – The Legion Auxiliary has secured the use of the old pump house on the lake shore and fitted it up for a warming house for the use of the skaters.

2-19-1931 – The card party and dance given under the auspices of the American Legion Auxiliary Friday night was attended by a large crowd. 

1-29-1931 – The Citizenship Club of the American Legion Auxiliary meeting was well attended.

3-19-1931 – Gold Star Mothers entertained by Auxiliary at the home of Mrs. N. C. Smith.

5-21-1931 – American Legion Auxiliary sponsors garden contest for boys-girls.  Prizes will be given to the boy or girl of school age having the best flower and vegetable garden this year.

7-18-1932 – Auxiliary members have colonial party.

10-13-1932 – Legion Auxiliary sponsors Armistice Program.

10-19-1933 – The American Legion and Auxiliary are ready to receive donations of clothing for their work.

11-23-1933 – The American Legion and Auxiliary wish to take this opportunity to say, “Thank you,” for the splendid spirit of cooperation and good will which they received in their Armistice Day program.


1925 – Pres. Eva Dunton; V. Pres. Cora Paul; Sec. Elsie Kurz; Treas. Jennie Norris; Sergeant at Arms Agnes Dietzel; Chaplain Rose Lundman.

1931 – Pres. Miss E. M. Dougherty; V. Pres. Mrs. Elizabeth Smith; Sec. Mrs. Florence Runquist; Current Events topics – Mrs. Jennie Norris.

1932 – Pres. Mrs. Elsie Kurz; 1st V. Pres. Mrs. Eva Guptill; 2nd V. Pres. Mrs. Ida Herzberg; Treas. Mrs. Jessie Cheney; Sergeant at Arms Mrs. Agnes Dietzel; Chaplain Mrs. Lillian Kurz; Executive Board Mrs. Jennie Norris, Mrs. Rose Lundman and Miss Elearnor Dougherty.

1933 – Pres. Mrs. S. E. Paul; 1st V. Pres. Mrs. H. L. Guptill; 2nd V. Pres. Mrs. J. H. Herzberg; Treas. Mrs. Vern Cheney; Chaplain Mrs. J. F. Lundeen; Sergeant Mrs. John Dietzel; Executive Board Miss Eleannor Dougherty, Mrs. E. L. Kurz, Mrs. N. C. Smith.