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1922 School Building ReUse Study Update
Presentation to the Annandale History Club
April 1, 2013
Jill Bishop & Laura Hood Beckman

Jill Bishop and Laura Hood Beckman, along with Rose Mary Nelson, are co-chairs of the "Citizens Committee to ReUse the 22."  They are working with about 20 committee members to find a new use for the 90-year old, three-story, brick school building and save it from demolition. Anyone interested in preserving the building is invited to join their efforts. 
Jill and Laura presented the committee's efforts to date.  A ReUse Study Team has been selected. Their work will be paid with donated funds administered by the ReUse fiscal agent, ACT (Annandale Area Community Team).  There will be a public meeting in June to gather information from community members.  The ReUse Study Team will present their final report at a public meeting in mid-September 2013.
Jill said that the location of the 1922 school bulding is very important to the economics of downtown and to keep an open mind to the options identified by the ReUse Team.  Your questions and suggestions can be directed to any of the co-chairs of the "Citizens Committee to ReUse the 22." 



·         1922 - building built, cost $125K - housed grades 1-12; lunch continued to be served in old school building

·         1954 - addition included large gymnasium; more additions in 1961, 1977, 1979, and 1991

·         1972 – Bendix Elem opened; 22 bldg plus additions then housed grades 7-12

·         1992 – new Annandale High School opened, 22 building plus additions then housed grades 5-8; school was renamed Annandale Middle School; 3rd floor was vacated

·         Fall, 2010 – with declining enrollment 2nd floor was vacated

·         Fall of 2013 – new Annandale Elementary will open and entire 1922 building will be vacated

Facilities Task Force Reports – All (2005, 2008) have recommended demolition of the 1922 building.

Note: Windows: 1922 bldg has lots; Bendix and HS hardly any; new Elem has lots again. It all comes around!



Community Efforts in 2008

·         a great expression of support to convince Sch Bd to include renovation of the 22 on their upcoming bond referendum.

·         Dozens of citizens attended several  Sch Bd meetings

·         dozens wrote letters of support in the Advocate

·         hundreds signed a petition to include the 22 in the bond ref.


·         Dec, 2008 ref for $45M for PK-8 & HS addn & Athl Complex failed

·         Sept, 2009 ref failed; $31M for PK-5 + Athletic Complex

·         May, 2011 ref for $27.5M for P-5 school passed

·         None of the referendums included renovation of the 1922 building.

·         Athletic fields are currently going forward in discussions between school and city.


 PRELIMINARY FINDINGS by ReUse Study Experts from March 20th visit:

·         The building is structurally sound.

·         The exterior walls and interior bearing walls are masonry (not wood) and the floors and roof are framed in wood.

·         The entire building is sprinkled.

·         Interior bearing walls are located along the corridors and in the stairwells. This would allow many of the partition walls to be rearranged to accommodate new uses.

·         Skylights on the 3rd floor would need roof reconstruction to become functional again.

·         Interior frames and sash for the original skylights over the third floor study hall remain intact. Exterior glazing has been removed and roofed over, but could be reconstructed to make the skylights functional again.

·         There is evidence of some water damage.

·         All windows are extremely inefficient, leak a great deal of heat, and need to be replaced.

·         Interior finishes, doors, and woodwork were originally very simple and solid, and remain largely intact.

·         Interior spaces are spacious and light-filled.

·         There is no air conditioning.

·         The duct work and electrical systems are original (1922). The boiler was replaced in 1954.

·         The old (1954) heating system is shared with the entire Middle School.

·         To successfully rehabilitate the 1922 building to function independent of the Middle School, the mechanical systems need to be separated.

·         Overall, the building looked very good. The building is not fully accessible, but the plan lends itself to alterations that will make it so.


·         Community Center

·         senior housing (possibly a branch of Care Center)

·         loft apartments

·         hospice house

·         senior center (activities)

·         Annandale History Center

·         art center, art gallery

·         daycare

·         vocational school

·         charter school

·         indoor Swappers Meet

·         micro-business center

·         expansion of Youth First

·         Community Education space

·         lunch room/commons for existing Middle School

·         Multi-Use Facility 

·         …Your suggestion?

 Note: Efforts to preserve the historic 1922 school building were unsuccessful and it was razed in 2015.