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History of Pioneer Park
Account submitted by Mildred Shadduck, 2006 
(Click Here for 2008 Pioneer Park presentation by Carol Weir)

In 1971 the Annandale Soo Line Railroad Depot (more) was going to be destroyed because it was not being used any longer. My husband, Nobel Shadduck, wasn't practicing law anymore and thought the depot could be moved on to City property on Hwy. #55. This area was just a short distance from the main part of Annandale. He thought it could be used as an "Information" center for travelers.

Leonard H. Murry, our friend who was President of the Soo Line gave his permission to move the depot to the City Property and it was called Minnesota Travel Park. The caboose was also given to the Park at that time. Nobel and Mildred visited many Pioneer Parks in other cities. With the help of business people and friends Minnesota Pioneer Park was born 35 years ago. (1971). A school, church, jail and other buildings were moved to the city property. Funding and responsibility for moving many of the early buildings and maintenance was provided by Nobel Shadduck and his wife Mildred.

Then a new large building was built to include an office space for various collections on the second level and a large kitchen and dining room on the ground floor. An apartment was included for a caretaker. Many additional buildings have been added that are of great interest during the many years of the Park.

During the early years each month a delicious pot luck dinner was held in the lower level of the Big Woods Building with occasional speakers delivering messages of interest. These meetings are still held today for all to enjoy.

Each year schools from near and far send their children to visit the Park to learn how the pioneers lived. The children then tell their parents about their special day and the parents then visit the Park too.

The Park is operated now by volunteers who work many hours to enable the Park to continue its plan for the future.

A web site has been set up for information about the park and also its activities at .

Submitted by Mildred Shadduck