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Annandale Improvement Club

In 2016 the Annandale Improvement Club began giving a scholarship to a graduate of Annandale High School using the following criteria to choose the recipient(s):

A senior female who has demonstrated efforts in enhancing the beauty of the City of Annandale and/or promoted the Annandale Public Library.  Primary priority shall be given to a young woman that has been involved in beautification of the city and/or given support to the public library along with promoting to the welfare and educational opportunities to the Annandale community.  This service may be done independently or through recent involvement with local organizations such as National Honor Society or the AHS Service Learning Class.

The Annandale Improvement Club was established by 17 women in 1898.  Their goals were to make improvements to the city in two ways -- beautification and support of the library.  Over a century later these are still their goals.  In keeping with these goals the club has presented scholarships to the following Annandale High School graduates:



2016 Anna Knowles

2017 Madalyn Jonas

2018 Mickaela Maehren & Alissa Bidwell

2019 Isabel Wester & Jenna Bidwell

2020 Mackenzi Martens & Erika Krystal Barron Del Angel

2021 Lily Conte & Ivy Johnson

2022 Faith Mader & Madigan Kuser

2023 Molly Klippenes and Paige Albachten

2024 Mandara Romness an Atalia Druga