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 Annandale Improvement Club
Beautification Committee

Sumer Planter

Organized in 2001 by a few concerned citizens, the Beautification Committee exists today with a large group of volunteers from the Improvement Club.  With the city’s help, we maintain the perennial gardens in the area, cleaning them out in the spring and maintaining a weed free environment during the summer.  Numerous planters are filled with annuals in the spring and greens in the winter months.  Hard working volunteers adopt gardens and planters, keeping each in the best condition possible. Most importantly, the Beautification Committee and the City of Annandale work closely together making Annandale a beautiful place to live.

You needn't be a member of Improvement Club to participate in the Beautification Committee. Anyone is welcome to join in. If you are interested in working on the Beautification Committee you may contact any one of the committee's co-chairs: