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Local Books and Authors 

The Annandale Area has many talented authors.  Most of the books on the list below are available at the Annandale Area Public Library and through the Great River Regional Library.  If you know of any additions for this list, please email Annandale Online's Webster at

Bajari, Riika Ellyn  Thistle Patch  1982

Barkley, Julia  Music in the Big Woods 1985

Cabalka, Elizabeth Wednesdays at the Fluff 'n' Fold  2003

Carlson, Jerry  Details for Locating and Catching Fish  1997

Dally, Nathan Tracks & Trails  1931

Dawson, Ada Burnham Dreams at Dusk 2005

Dawson, Courtney Stop Breathing My Air 2006

Dease, Patti Poetry The Earth is Still Our Mother  1997

Dease, Patti Poetry To Speak of Things That Matter  2005

Foreman, Rebecca A. We Have a Baby for You: A Story of Perseverance and Faith   2002

Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls  Clare's Well: Nourishment for the Body, Memories for the Heart, Healing for the Soul  2001

Gadow, Don  Heartland Humor  1992

Hoekstra, Harvey Thomas  From "Knotted Strings" To Talking Bibles  2003

Hoekstra, Harvey Thomas  Honey, We're Going to Africa!  1995

Hoekstra, Harvey Thomas  The World Council of Churches and the Demise of Evangelism  1979

Houle, Wally  We Survived Damn Near Everything  2006

Jung, Peter Celebrity  2005

Laing, Kathleen and Butterfield, Elizabeth  Girlfriends Getaway  2002

Lynch, Julie Cherishing Sophia, Rising to Authenticity and Feminine Power  2007

Olson, Mildred  Tender Thoughts for Quiet Moments  1981 

Peerman, Lorraine Lundeen  African Memories  2005

Schaefer Stumpf, Dawn Fluttah Fluttah Butterfly  2003

Sweetnam, Sherry  The Executive Memo: A Guide to Persuasive Business Communications  1999


Annandale Area History   (More Annandale History) 

Annandale Centennial Committee, Annandale, Minnesota, a Community with Spirit, 1888-1988  1988 

Barberg, Lillian  Erick

Holm, Lewis N.  Stepson of the Forest  1977

Olson, Mildred  Tiny Tenacious Thilda  1991

Ostlund, Barb and Stark, Jim  Remembering Lake Sylvia  1994, revised 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008

Schut, Henry J.  Ten Years to Live 1978 

Schut, Henry J.  Footprints from the Past 1993

Shadduck, Nobel  Small Boy in the Big Woods  1993

Vandergon, Gertrude Braat., Our Pioneer Days in Minesota  1949 (book online)

Velasques, June Rossiter  Little Family Stories: A Biographical and Autobiographical Record with some Genealogical Material   1993

Williams, Lotus  Memories of Annandale  1983, 1987



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