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Annandale Online is grateful to the following community websites for their inspiration and contributions:

  • Blacksburg Electronic Village in Blacksburg, Virginia  ( for providing inspiration for Annandale Online

  • WinonaNet in Winona, Minnesota  ( especially for their Mission Statement

  • The Spooner, Wisconsin newspaper ( especially for their content guidelines


The following books and articles contributed to the development of Annandale Online:

  • Community Networks: Lessons from Blacksburg, Virginia (1997) by Andrew Cohill and Andrea Kavanaugh, Norwood, MA: Artech House.

  • Community Network Briefing Book (1998) by Andrew Cohill,, a publication of the Blacksburg Electronic Village, an outreach of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
         Both of the books by Andrew Cohill use the BEV (Blacksburg Electronic Village, in Blacksburg, Virginia, as its model. There are some significant differences between Annandale and Blacksburg. Blacksburg is much larger than Annandale, it is affiliated with a large technological institution, and the network was begun over a decade ago, before the WWW. But the BEV has many valuable lessons because it was created as an experiment to see how a wired
    community would react. With 83% of the homes wired in Blacksburg, it is a valid experiment and a valuable model.

  • New Community Networks: Wired for Change (1996) by Douglas Schuler, New York: Addison-Wesley.
        Douglas Schuler used the Seattle Community Network as his model. Like the BEV, it was begun before the WWW, and Seattle is obviously a larger city.  Unlike the BEV, less than 5% of the community was wired, but this book still has many worthwhile ideas about building community networks.

  • "Developing a Community Information Network" (July, 1996)
        Cheryl Davis, project coordinator for WinonaNet in Winona, Minnesota, wrote this report for a grant from the Minnesota Board of Government Innovation and Cooperation. She stressed the importance of the support and participation of key elements in the community: the city, the school, the newspaper, the commercial groups, and the civic groups. Most small town community websites are missing one or more of these crucial parts. 
        Davis' excellent report containing sections on Determining Need, Getting Started, Launching, Gathering Core Information, Ongoing Operations, and Moving Forward, was an important resource in the development of Annandale Online.

  • "Communities On-Line: Community Based Computer Networks" (1995)
    by Anne Beamish.
        This 80-page master's thesis from MIT  is an analysis of numerous community networks. Her subjects, like the BEV and Seattle, were pre-WWW, mostly free-nets, but she still came up with many valuable ideas about a wired community.

  • "A Web Grows in Blacksburg" Connect-Time June, 1997, vol.1 no.8, insert in Minneapolis StarTribune.  By Rajiv Chandrasekaran. 
        This article's description of the Blacksburg Electronic Village in Blacksburg, Virginia, was the inspiration for Annandale Online.  

Annandale Online

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