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Annandale Improvement Club

AIC Scholarship Recipients - since 2016
Past Presidents, 1898 to present - From Mrs. H. K. Kelly to the current president
The First 75 Years (1898-1974) - Notes by Marian McDonald
History Club Presentation - 2009 presentation by Jill Bishop and Rose Mary Nelson
History Timeline (1898-2009)
Annual Reports - Year end reports of the club's activities
Lotus Williams' account of the history of Improvement Club from her 1987 book, Memories of Annandale.
Programs: Current Program,  Previous Programs 1998-1999 to present, 1931-1932, 1940-1941, 1949-1950

Old Library Building - History of the building that housed the library for 80 years, 1923-2003. 

Early Library Rules