1922 School Building
ReUse Project

Let's Find a New Purpose for our Old School
...Once It's Gone, It's Gone...

ReUse Project
Update: The 1922 School Building was demolished in 2015.

Our 1922 school building has served Annandale for over 90 years. Designed by the progressive firm of Howard C. Parson’s, it is one of the few architect-designed buildings in the community. It remains structurally sound and should have many more useful years.

The 1922 building was vacated in the fall of 2013 and is slated to be demolished if another use for it cannot be discovered. With the thorough ReUse Study done in 2013 by John C. Lauber and Company, citizens now have their Report as a valuable tool to aid the quest for a new purpose for the building.

This ReUse Project, led by a Steering Committee with the assistance of many others, is the process of citizens coming together to find a new purpose for our precious landmark. All hope for it's eventual success, because we know ...once it's gone, it's gone.